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The first documentary portal "Mariovo film" ( www.mariovofilm), is a brand in which the presentation of Macedonia is comprised, by travel journals, reports, photo reports and documentaries.


The main aim of the portal "Mariovo film" is representation and presentation of Macedonia and Macedonians from a passenger's and visitor's point of view, but also and self-representation of the people that lives on the piece of land called Macedonia with centuries, and calls itself Macedonians.


The team's idea that works on and represents the portal "Mariovo film", is to point to the roots of the religion and the geographical location, is still a part of a same soul of a flesh called Macedonia. 


"Mariovo film" is not an organ of a political party, society or organization, it is a wide national tribune that tends to cooperate with every each Macedonian men and women whatever their philosophic views and ideological conviction might they have, wherever they are.


The first documentary portal "Mariovo film" is totally independent media.

The first documentary portal "Mariovo film" will support all those initiatives, propositions and suggestions for better presentation and representation of Macedonia and Macedonians, but also for better self-acquaintance of the people that lives on the piece of land called Macedonia, and calls itself Macedonians.


By the founders and executives of the

The first documentary portal "Mariovo film"


                                                                                                                                                                      Zoran Kosteski-Shvaca

                                                                                                                                                                      Luka Susha






 Founder and executive of the portal:

Zoran Kosteski -Shvaca

Product manager

E-mail: zoran.kosteski@mariovofilm.mk

Mobile: +389 75 78 20 12

WEB: www.mariovofilm.mk    



Born in 1964 in the village of Rilevo, Prilep. A graduate of the Law Faculty, University Sts' Cyril and Methodius-Skopje, at the journalism department. He begins the journalist career in Radio Skopje, in the program "Voice of the fatherland" and "Our compatriots abroad".

He made the first radio report for the village of Ropotovo, Prilep. in 1989. In the 1990 he becomes familiar with the TV travelling journalism, the field in which he's still in as a journalist-traveller and documentary maker.

In the 1990 he made a transfer to the Television Skopje's morning program, "Good morning, Macedonia", where he stays until 1994, after that works with the Documentary redaction at the Macedonian Television.

In the Documentary redaction at the Macedonian Television he work 10 years, (1994-2004), with his traveller -documentary chronicles "The Forgotten" in which he processes travelers chronicles about the village in R.Macedonia.

In 14 years working time for Macedonian radio television, he made over 400 documentary travellers chronicles for our people in Macedonia and about 4.500 short travellers reports.

In the 2004 he passes in the journal "Business", where he continues with the reports for the forgotten villages and rural regions in Macedonia.   

In the journal "Business" he left 110 chronicles for the forgotten rural (rustic) regions in Macedonia.

In the beginning of 2006 he enters in A1 Television where he work on the same thematic-reports of the villages in R.Macedonia.

He writes chronicles- documentary reports about the forgotten villages in Macedonia and the newspaper "Vreme" and its addition "Farmer" intented for the village, the villagers and the farmers. In this newspaper he published about 200 reports for the villages in Macedonia.

In the 2011, he writes  documentary travellers reports also for the newspaper "Macedonia", issued by the Macedonian Emigrants Center "Matica".

In 2013 he is a founder and producer of the First documentary portal for Macedonia "Mariovo film".


Founder and producer of the portal:


Luka Susha

director manager

E-mail: luka.susa@mariovofilm.mk

Mobile: + 389 78 32 27 34

Born on July the 13th 1951. 40 years behind the video and photo camera. Worked in about 40  journalist, publishers and film houses. Has staged about 20 exhibitions individual and about 30 exhibition in cooperation.  

As a cinematographer, cameraman, photograph, is a part of the famous Yugoslav cinematography. He's a member of all cinematography associations in ex Yugoslavia. His photographs could be seen on the pages of the journalists brands:

"Politika", "Ilustrovana Politika", "Vecernje novine", "Vreme", "Spic", "Farmer" and "A1 TV". He's a contemporary of the renown masters of photography: Kiro Bilbiloski, Zivko Janevski, Zivko Janevski, Robert Jaki, and others. He's a founder and director manager of the first documentary portal of Macedonia.